Remembrance day and Veterans day crafts

Remembrance day and Veterans day crafts not only help mark the occasion, they can help your kids understand more about those who have served their country.

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An easy way to do this is, help make a gift basket for someone at a local veteran's home. Bring the basket to the recipient yourself and visit a while. Having visiors would probably be the highlight of their day!

Home made soaps would be very nice. There are easy melt and pour soap kits available that you could use. I've even seen soap molds with the awareness ribbon on them.

That mold can be used to make yellow ribbon soaps. Fill the ribbon section with yellow soap, let it set for a minute, spritz with alcohol to prevent bubbles, then fill the rest of the mold with white.

I bet they'd also appreciate a hand-made card, similar to a card you'd send to deployed troops. If they are staying in a veteran's home they may not have family to visit them. Your visit and gifts will me super appreciated.

The kids could decorate a tin for them and then help bake cookies to fill it. Coat the tin with some green paint, then let the kids add stickers and other decoations to the lid and sides. Once the cookies are finished it can be used to store momentos and things.

If a family member is a veteran, ask them to share stories of their time in service. Do they still have their awards, medals, and service ribbons? Help them make a nice award display, possibly with photos of the Vet with their service buddies.

Actually, I should try to find all MY ribbons and awards. I was in the US Army myself, Active Duty for 3 years then Army Reserves for 3 years. I met my Husband during a deployment.

Old uniform fabric would make a good background for your display. If there are no old, un-used uniforms, you can get some from a military surplus store. Or just use camo fabric from the fabric shop.

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