Valentines day crafts

Valentines day crafts are sweet, both because of the chocolate and because its a day for loved ones.

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Candy bouquets are fun and easy to make. A bouquet of chocolate rose buds or even just a single one could make your Honey's day. A Valentines cake would be both sweet AND thoughtful too. It'd be a good place to hide the ring for a wedding proposal.

A handmade Valentines day card would go nicely with your chocolate rose bud. Especially check your scrapbooking supplies, the romantic themed bits can be used to make your card extra special.

A super easy decoration for around the house is to cut hearts from paper doilies. The different sizes and colors can be mixed and matched. If you glue them down to a rectangular paper doily and laminate it, you now have custom Valentines day placemats!

Rather than buy pre-made cards for the kids to take to school, they can make their own Valentines day cards for the class.

You will need:Posterboard or index cards blank on both sides, scissors, a hole punch, valentines day or heart theme rubber stamps, one or more ink pads, stuff to color with, any other card decorating supplies you'd like, tape, and a bag of Valentines day lolly pops.

If you're using poster board, cut out playing card size rectangles or whichever size you'd like. Just remember to make enough for the whole class if you're making large cards and only have 1 sheet of poster board.

Stamp your blank cards and color them. Make them absolutley beautimous! Sign them and use the hole punch to make 2 holes in each card to attach the lolly pops with. Tape them on the back so the candy won't fall off.

You can get as fancy as you like with your cards, go crazy have fun!

Valentine day crafts for kids are very popular. I hope to have more up soon. If you'd like to suggest one please visit my Contact page.

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