Crafts for Troop Gifts and Care Packages

Hand made troop gifts and other items for carepackages help them feel loved when they are far from home. Please be for the troops even if you are against war. As a former member of the US Army (Active Duty and Reserves) I know how wonderful it was to recieve letters, cards, and parcels from back home.

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Operation Gratitude

Sending over 100,000 care packeges to the troops every year. Please help us out by donating in some way: time, money, or items for the soldiers.

Deployed service members love to get mail, even if they don't have time to write back. Remember, they are far away from their families... their Spouses, children, parents, and friends. They will truly treasure handmade cards and other home made things.

So please, use some of the following craft ideas and instructions and send them in to a Care Package Organization like Operation Gratitude.

Mrs. Carolyn Blashek from Operation Gratitude told me they are in need of 60,000 hand made scarves for their holiday packages. Here are a few ideas for easy to make scarves. Please remember to use greens, browns, and black for items. Bright colors would make the soldiers into easy targets. We would like them all home safely, in one piece!

Simple knit scarf: Using US size 8 (5 mm) straight knitting needles and worsted weight yarn, cast on about 15 stitches. Knit every row (garter stitch). Finished scarves should be about 5-7 inches wide and 40-45 inches long. When you reach the desired length, cast off and weave in the ends.

Scarf recipe from the Operation Gratitude site: Use sport-weight yarn with the Mistake Rib pattern that is simple, gives a little body to the scarf and will not curl!!!

Using an approximate stockinette gauge of 22 stitches/4 inches cast on however many stitches you want for the width of the scarf as a multiple of 4 and then add five more stitches. For a 4 inches wide scarf, cast-on 24 + 5. For a 6 inches wide scarf, cast on 32 +5. For a 8 inches wide scarf, cast on 44 + 5.

For every row *k2, p2, repeat from * ending with a k1. The Mistake Rib stitch pattern does not pull in like a 2x2 rib will but it has a great deal of stretchiness and creates an interesting texture and is reversible.

Simple crochet scarf: Using an apprpriate size hook for worsted weight yarn, make a chain about 6 inches long. Using your favorite standard crochet stitch (single or double work well), go back and forth until your scarf is the desired length. finish off and weave in the ends.

No-sew microfleece scarf: Using 45 inch wide microfleece fabric, cut 7 inch wide strips. Finished! Each strip is a scarf. You can fringe the ends if you're making these for family at home, but please don't on the ones for troop gifts. Fringe may get caught in the equipment.

Hand-made cards: Even your toddler can make one. They need cards for any holiday, birthdays, and other occasions like anniversaries. The cards can be from you to the soldier or send blank ones that they can send to their own family. If you need Ideas for making the cards, check the other holidays on my site.

From The UK? Try to support your troops.

Are there similar programs to send troop gifts and care packages to soldiers of other countries like Austrailia or France? Let me know using my Contact page and I'll add them here.

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