Ideas for Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving crafts always seem to have Pilgrims, Indians, and or turkeys. So here are some Thanksgiving craft ideas that are more about thankfulness and, of course, the great food!

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Make a thankfulness board. Get an inexpensive small whiteboard and a whiteboard marker (most come with one). Add a decorative border all around and maybe glue on some fake fall leaves. Use a nice ribbon to hang it and tie the marker to the board. Each day ask everyone to add something they are thankful for. If it gets full, clear it off and start over. You could also just use it for yourself if the family doesn't want to participate, its nice to remember all the good things God provides.

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Make a Recipe scrapbook. Not one of the usual scrapbooks with family photos, do one about your family's favorite Thanksgiving recipes. Do a two-page spread for each one, with a photo of it, the ingredients beautifully written out, and the instructions clearly listed.

Layout the pages and use the little scrapbooking stickers and things to make it special. You want your family to be handing this down for years and maybe adding to it!

Have the kids make you a milk-jug turkey basket for the table centerpiece. I remember making one when I was little.

A gallon jug will make a fat turkey and a half-gallon jug will make a skinnier turkey.

You will need: A clean, empty milk jug, construction paper in red, yellow, and brown (but you can use any colors you like), brown paint for the body, scissors, a black marker or crayon, a stapler, and glue.

First decide where to make the opening of your basket on the milk jug. The best place would be away from the handle, so the handle would be on the bottom side. Then paint the jug brown. You can use your marker to add a feather pattern or just draw on wings.

Trace your hand onto the construction paper and cut it out. You'll want to do 2 or 3 of each color because the hands will be used to make the tail. You can also make some to use for the wings too.

Arrange the hands to make the turkey's tail, stapling them together where the palms overlap. Then glue or staple them to the bottom of your milk jug (back end of the turkey).

Next cut a strip from red construction paper for the head, a smaller red piece for the wattles, and a triangle of yellow for the beak. Assemble the pieces using glue and draw on an eye. Glue or staple the base of the neck to the milk jug's cap.

You can fill your new basket with napkins, silverware, or a fall bouquet made with beautiful autumn leaves.

If you get together with a play group regularly, or just have a ton of friends, group crafts could be a great idea. This pack of Autumn leaf picture frame craft kits can be personalized by the kids with crayons or markers. If anyone has a polaroid camera, you can instantly have photos to go in them as the kids work on thier projects.

Falling Leaves Frame Craft Kit (makes 24)

Falling Leaves Frame Craft Kit (makes 24)

Kit includes precut construction-paper leaves in assorted colors, non-toxic glue sticks and markers, easel-back frames and instructions. Frame size: 6" square.

Something cool I just found, Color Diffusion leaves. I'll bet the kids would love them! Especially nice for those of you who live in areas thet don't get a lot of colorful fall leaves. Color them with markers and the colors blend together on their own. No need to get them wet to bleed/blend the colors.

Color Diffusion Leaves  (pack of 200)

Color Diffusion Leaves (pack of 200)

Made of paper with a special texture that draws colors in and blends them into interesting patterns and swirls. Includes 50 each of 4 styles of leaves. Perfect for use with our Color Splash!® Liquid Watercolor. Pack of 200.

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