Spring Equinox crafts

Spring Equinox crafts can be a fun way to mark the turning of seasons from Winter to Spring. I really like Spring, myself. The fresh grass showing through the melting snow, the new flowers, birds and other animal coming out to enjoy the warmer weather.

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Nature walk! Take your sketch book and colored pencils or crayons out with you and draw what you find. Sketching doesn't need to be perfect. Scribble the new budding flowers. If it looks like your toddler's sketch, that's ok. Eventually you'll find you have the hang of it and want to frame your drawings.

Photograph your nature walk if you really don't want to draw. Digital cameras are great because you can take a ton of photos and just delete the really bad ones. Then later you can either print them or use them to do some digital scrapbooking.

Garden markers
Wide variety for your spring garden

If you have a garden (outdoor, patio, or just on your windowsill), you could make some cute markers for your plants. Spring is a big time for gardening.

One way would be to cut some tin cans or soda cans so the sides are a flat rectangle. Trace your pattern on to your tin. Then, using a nail, punch or emboss your design into the metal. You can either attach wire to the top and hang it or attach it to a wooden stake and stick it in your garden. You can also do this to make name signs for your kids' rooms.

If you paint, you can use a flat bit of wood and paint your garden marker. Also, you could draw it and then decopage it onto a flat surface for your marker.

An old pair of boots could be recycled into a pair of planters for your porch. Either put a pot into each boot with a Mum or other flower, or just fill the boots with potting soil and plant the flowers directly into the boot. The second option is best left outside, go with the first one if you want to keep them in the house. Finding a pot that fits snugly into the boot is best.

Dressed up plastic geese
Crafty Porch Fashion!

Do you enjoy sewing projects? Get your self a porch mascot (like those plastic geese or a lawn flamingo) and sew outfits for it for each season. Yes, this may sound like a silly idea for a holiday craft, but it give you lots of room to be creative and try new techniques. Sewing a little raincoat for your mascot will give you some experience working with raincoat material, and you don't need to worry if it leaks. Sewing a bonnet for your plastic porch goose is great practice for making a full size one for a colonial costume later.

Another big thing you can do around the Spring equinox is Spring Cleaning!
Put together a Spring cleaning kit for your self. Fix up a basket to keep all your supplies handy, yet neatly put away. Sew your self a cute apron with nice deep pockets. Getting geared up in a cute apron can help get you in the cleaning mood, like a fun, stylish uniform.

Fun Spring Cleaning supplies

Also, if you mix up your own cleaning supplies (like spray bottles of diluted vinegar and diluted bleach) make sure they are labeled. This is a chance to make your own fun labels rather than just scribbling on the bottle with a sharpie.

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