Solstice and Equinox crafts

Solstice and Equinox crafts are a great way to mark the turning of the seasonly cycles. Here are a few craft ideas for you to try.

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Spring Equinox: March 20

spring The Spring Equinox marks the beginning of the year for many cultures. A lot of the symbols used at Easter can also be used for this holiday. Bunnies, chicks, eggs, green grass... they all symbolize new beginnings.

Painting some flower pots for your spring blossoms is quick and easy. Just get some clean terra cotta pots, brushes, a cup or jar of water, and craft acrylic paints. The paint will wash out of the brushes with soap and water as long as it stays wet.

If you already know what flowers or herbs you'll plant in them, you can paint the names right on the pot. Or you could just let the kids go wild with it and paint whatever they like on their pots.

I found a few craft kits the kids might like, just click on the photos below.

Rubber Ducks Craft Kit (makes 12) Wood Snail Photo Frame Craft Kit (makes 12) Wood Bank Truck Kit

Summer Solstice: June 21

summer Usually considered the beginning of summer, The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. This is a good opportunity to make a new set of coasters for your summer family barbecues. Coasters are quick and easy to make and there is an infinite variety of ways to make them.

Loosely braid 3 strands of bulky weight yarn, a braid about 3 feet long should be good. Carefully roll it into a flat spiral and sew the edges where they meet. Basically you're making a mini braided rug for your drinks! Repeat unil you have at least 4 or as many as you'll need for your barbecue.

Tye-dying T-shirts as a family is another fun one. Using the same kit means everyone will match, but not so much that the kids don't get their own unique shirts.

Tie-Dye Kit for 2-8 shirts

Tie-Dye Kit for 2-8 shirts

Cold water dye kit includes turquoise, fuchsia and yellow dye in applicator bottles, fixer, gloves, rubber bands and instructions for 11 projects. For 2 to 8 shirts.

Autumn Equinox: September 22

autumn Autumn is usually well on its way by the Autumn Equinox. I love Fall with all the colored leaves every where.

Leaf Wreaths are fun and easy to make. Take a bag with you on your next nature walk and collect some beautiful colored fall leaves. Make sure they're dry, moldy wreaths are no fun!

A paper plate with the center cut out makes an easy wreath base. Coat one side with some glue and arrange your leaves, making sure they stick in the glue. Let it dry, add some ribbon, and hang it somewhere. The front door is great for displaying wreaths.

Color-Me Quilt Place Mats Craft Kit (makes 12) Autumn Leaf Cutouts  (pack of 18) Falling Leaves Frame Craft Kit (makes 24)

Winter Solstice: December 21

winter Yule marks the Winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Keeping your self entertained with some fun crafting will help with the long wait until spring.

How about trying a new craft? Novelty will help keep boredom away, and you have all winter to practice a new skill. Look for something you kinda wanted to try.

Maybe knitting (regular or loom knitting), crochet, latch-hook, cross-stitch, or maybe some sort of weaving or beading. Check out the section with craft kits (like the ones in the image-links below) and see if anything catches your eye.

Learn to Knit Kit 'Home and Heart' Learn-A-Craft Stitchery Kit 'Believe in Yourself' Learn-A-Craft Stitchery Kit Ribbon Weaving Pouches Craft Kit (makes 12)

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