School holiday crafts

I'll bet you're looking for ideas for school holiday crafts. Stuff for them to do while they are on school vacation. Well, the best place to get ideas is from your kids.

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What do they like to do? What are their interests? If Susie like to collect horses, she's more likely to be interested in horse related crafts than, say, painting rocks. But if Tommy likes to collect rocks, and you keep finding them in his pockets when doing laundry... Find some fun stuff he can do with them!

Horse crafts: Make a horse mask. Use ploymer clay and make some horse sculptures. Large skeins of yarn can be used to make manes and tails for dress-up. Knit or crochet throw pillows with a horse on them. Cross stitch some towels or christmas ornaments with your favorite horse pattern. Paint some pictures or get a few paint-by-number kits.

The school holidays may be a break from school, but children learn by playing. They will learn all about the subject of their interest if you give them a chance. They will find it fun, not boring work like school. You can use their interests to learn new things yourself too.

Stones and Rocks crafts: Large fist size rocks can be painted and used as door stops, paper weights, or book ends. Smaller flat rocks can be used to replace missing game pieces, paint them for the game you need. Inspiration stones are sold in gift shops, make your own by painting inspiring words onto smooth stones. Get some kind of grout or concrete to use to make miniature stone houses. Play with making different floor plans, you could probably sell these at craft fairs.

Help your kids explore their interests. Find some school holiday crafts that match with what they love. You never know when a hobby related skill could come in handy. The worst that could happen is they win on Jeopardy with all the "trivia" they know! ;-)

Train crafts: A big, involved "craft" would be building and designing a model train set. Especially if you build the buildings and landscape yourself. Card board and toilet paper tubes can be used by the little ones to make toy trains. Learn wood carving & whittle train models or those train-horn whistles. Sew? A conductor's hat and overall set would go big with a little train fan.

If you're tight on cash, yard sales and thrift shops may be good places to get stuff to create with. Re-paint old nick-nacks. Let the kids paint or re-finish yard sale furniture (especially if they keep trying to draw on *your* good furniture!). A bag of old clothes can be used for sewing... make a quilt or rag rug or a patchwork purse. Cheap books can be used for a variety of crafts: Altered art books, decopage, collage, and more. School holiday crafts don't need to cost an arm and a leg.

Construction crafts: (Think "Bob the Builder" fans) They have matchbox cars of the construction trucks, right? Have them make dioramas to display them in. Maybe make a mini sandbox for them that can double as a zen sand garden for you when they go visit Grandma. Be sure to put it in a slightly larger container to catch sand spills.

Maybe they can draw their favorite trucks or help dad build a shelf to store them on. Like with the trains, they could make some out of card board. A toilet paper roll could be cut into a bull-dozer scoop. If they are old enough to handle sharp tools safely, maybe your little builder would have fun building bird houses and other wood projects. You could have fun painting them when they're finished.

How to make a Rubberband Car

Fun, quick, easy project to make, especially if you save small boxes and other items for crafting purposes. If you don't have some of these items, they are easy to get!

You'll need: a small box (single serving cereal box is good), a rubber band (use one that stretches easily), a stapler, a pair of disposable chopsticks, a pair of scissors, and 4 milk jug caps for tires.

  1. Open one of the wide sides of the box. cut it or some of them are perforated already.
  2. Add holes in the side of the box to fit the axles/ chopsticks through. Make sure they are wide enough that the chopsticks can rotate easily or your car will go nowhere.
  3. Cut your chopsticks to they stick out each side of the box about half an inch or so.
  4. Cut an X in the center of each milk jug cap so you can fit it on the end of your chopstick axles.
  5. Staple one end of your rubber band to the inside top of the box near the front end.
  6. Insert your rear chopstick axle and staple the other end of the rubber band to the center of it.
  7. Insert your front axle and put your milk cap tires on the ends of your axles.
  8. Have fun

Mid-summer is usually the start of Back to School sales. I've come up with some Back to school crafts the kids may like.

Do you have suggestions for school holiday crafts to go in this section? Please contact me, I'd love to add your suggestion for craft ideas or hear what your kid's hobbies are!

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