Ramadan Crafts Ideas

I've come up with some fun, interesting Ramadan crafts ideas for you to try.

Ramadan is a month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims observe it by fasting during daylight hours. It is similiar to Christians giving up something for Lent.

Every year each month of the Islamic calendar moves ahead by about 11 days. This is because its a Lunar calendar. So some years Ramadan is in the summer and other years it is in other seasons.

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Ramadan is celebrated slightly diferently in diffrent cultures.

In Egypt they decorate with colorful lanterns called "Fanoos". You can easily make your own Fanoos to decorate your home.

After sunset, the fast is broken and everyone eats. People often have plenty of sweets at night in Ramadan. One of my favorites is called Zulbia. A Zulbia recipe can be found at AllPersian.org.

Making your own garlands to decorate the house can be fun too. You can do paper chains, crepe paper, or strung beads or popcorn.

Another thing you could do is ask each family member what blessing they are most thankful to Allah for. Then print it out in large letters that can be colored in. Then color them. You can hang these around the house and make new ones each year.

Other Ramadan crafts ideas can be for charity items. Charity and good deeds are emphasized in Ramadan. Knit or crochet items for the poor and homeless can be easy to do.

A hat can be made simply from a rectangle or tube of knit or crocheted fabric. For a rectangle, sew up the side and the top. For a tube, just fasten the top closed.

If you don't know how to knit or crochet you can use one of theose knitting looms. Or even use some micro-fleece fabric to sew easy hat and scarf sets.

Baby hats can always be donated to hospitals for the newborns. they are quick projects because they are so small.

Squares can be made for quilts or afghans and sent in to charities too. If you have the time, (the kids can help if they like) you can even make whole throw blankets yourself to donate to the homeless.

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