Make a plaster hand print or foot print

Plaster hand print or foot print hangings cang be made by your kids for just about any occasion. Fathers day, Mothers day, and Christmas are favorites for doing this project.

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So, what will you need for this?

You'll need: a package of plaster (usually comes as powder), water, something to use as a mold, ribbon to hang it with, and anything to decorate it with (paint, markers, etc.)

Oh, and don't forget the kid supplying the hand or foot prints!

Mix your plaster and water according to the directions on the package. Pour it carefully into your mold and add your hanging loop ribbon. Tap it gently to get the bubbles out, because you don't want it full of bubbles! Let it set up a bit, then add hand or foot prints before it is 100% hardened.

Be sure it is completely dry before you paint it. Also, don't forget to add your kid's name and the date on it some where! It is soo easy to forget, even if you only have one kid.

If you don't want to mess with doing all that, there are keepsake plaster hand print kits you can buy. Or you can use Sculpey. It's like play dough, but it hardens when you bake it in the oven. It comes in colors or a 1 pound pack of white and you can paint it after you bake it. That would be great for little hand or foot print ornaments for Christmas.

Playdough will work too, but you have to let it air dry completely and it will get slimy if it gets wet.

Also, you can make plaster hand print hangings for each school year to go with school photos. Or if you have a new baby, make a set of prints each month of their first year. That would be cute on the wall of the baby's room and you could give it to a Grandparent as a gift later.

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