Muslim greeting cards

Hand made Muslim greeting cards are nice. It shows the recipient that you care enough to make it yourself. You spent your time to make it for them, rather than grabbing a pack of cards from the shop last-minute.

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Card idea #1: Draw or cut out the shillouette of a Masjid. Make the cover of your card black or dark blue, then add the Masjid. Stars and the moon can be drawn onto the sky with a mattalic pen.

Mettalic gel pens would work great for this one. They show up well on the dark paper.

Card idea #2: Put a holiday family portrait on the front of your card. You can either draw your family or use a photo.

Before everyone emails me that photos are Haram, there is a Fatwa in "Salaat: Ato Z" that states Photos are similar to the reflection in a mirror. So as long as you aren't photoshopping your pictures to look like a supermodel or something, you should be ok.

Mad hijab baby
Try to take nice photos of your children to send to others.
Not ones like this!

Card idea #3: Draw a geometric pattern on your card with wide lines. Cut out openings between the lines so it now has a fancy window.

Color the inside with bright colors, using lighter ones where you will write your message. It will look like a beautiful stained glass window on your card.

Card idea #4: Another with a night scene, on a dark background glue a white cresent moon.

With a silver gel pen, write "Happy Eid" or "Eid Mabrook" between the moon's points. Add stars and maybe some swirls and curly designs.

Card idea #5: Beautifully write your favorite Ayat on your card. For this you may want to practice on scrap paper. Or make your design on the computer, print it on your card, and trace over with a glitter or mettalic pen.

Short Surahs will work too. Surah 112, Al-Ikhlaas, is a good one that everyone knows.

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