Mothers day crafts

Mothers day crafts make great gifts for Mom. What Mom doesn't love her Kid's creations? Everyday should be Mothers day. Us Moms work hard! We deserve it!

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Of course the number one craft for Mothers day are home made Mothers day cards. From your toddler's scribbled page to your grown kid's embellished creations, each one is special. You may want to make a special box or scrapbook to keep them in.

Don't forget Grandmothers too! The kids can make plaster hand prints for her. Toddler Activities at has toddler crafts for Mothers day also. They are rated according to age, ease of clean up, and if it needs planning ahead.

Another idea is to make a coupon book for Mom. Calligraphy markers will fancy it up. Make coupons for things like a 15 minute foot or back rub, doing the dishes without complaining, mowing the lawin or raking leaves, helping Mom garden, or a free night off to relax while someone else takes the kids.

Get a terra cotta flower pot and paint it. Buy a pot of flowers to go into it and you have an easy gift. If the flowers don't make it, Mom can always re-use the beautiful pot you painted.

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Find more great craft ideas at for unique, personalized gifts that are easy on the wallet.

Another easy to assemble gift is a flower pot muffin kit. Six muffin size pots, muffin mix & the recipe tied in some nice ribbon is great. Do the recipe card yourself, with a nice border rather than just cutting the direction panel off the muffin mix box. This one is quick, giving you plenty of extra time to work on an elaborate card. has some fun, interesting craft ideas for gifts. Food gifts similar to the muffin kit above and other nifty stuff like directions for making a recipe scrapbook. I bet Grandma would love one of those!

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