Mothers day cards

Mothers day cards are fun to make, and you know Mom loves home made ones best.

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For toddlers and pre-schoolers the easiest thing to do is take a blank sheet of paper and fold it in half. Write "Happy Mother's Day" inside for them in large black letters. Then let them go nuts decorating it inside and out.

Make up a poem about Mom or why Mom is special. It can be used in the front or inside the card.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Mom works so hard,
And she is beautiful too!

One idea: Put a photo of Mom or a drawing on the inside of the card. Using a medium round hole punch make some holes in the cover so the picture shows through. Turn the holes into flowers by drawing petals around them and some stems.

Frog collection
A small part of Mom's frog collection.

You can press some of Mom's favorite flowers and laminate them into a book mark. Then cut two slits on the cover of your card to slide the bookmark into so it forms a border on one side. Right next to it is a good place to add your poem. Mom can then use her bookmark after she recieves it.

Does Mom collect something? That could give you and idea for the theme of your card. For example, my Mom collects frogs. So for her, my card could have a drawing or photo of a frog, frog stickers, a small rubber frog glued on, or use frog print ribbon.

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Be inspired! Download printable digital papers and learn how to use digital products and techniques for scrapbooking and card making!

Do you Scrapbook? Your scrapbooking supplies can be used to make beautiful cards for Mom or Grandma. has tips and ideas for using all your fun scrapbooking stuff.

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