Making a Candy Bouquet

Making a Candy Bouquet using Hershey's Kisses is easy to do and makes a great gift.

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You will need: A bag of Hershey's Kisses (any kind, but the regular milk chocolate ones with the silver will show the wrapper color best), Colored cellophane (red for red rosebuds, etc.), scissors, floral tape, green floral skewers, and some fake rose leaves (optional)

Kiss rose bud 1
Wrap the Kisses like so...

Cut 4 inch squares of the cellophane, enough for one per "rosebud" you're planning to make. Take 2 Kisses and hold them end to end (flat sides together). Wrap a square of cellophane over them, centering the square on on of the Kiss tips.

Wrap both Kisses so you have a bud shape with the excess of cellophane wrapper at the tip of the "bottom" Kiss. Insert a green skewer into the base of your bud and twist the ends of the wrapper around it to help hold it closed.

candy rose bud step 2
Add the stem

Wrap with some floral tape to secure it and hide the ends of the wrapper. You can also use the floral tape to add some fake leaves to your stem.

Yay! One down, 11 more to go!

What are you planning to do with them?

tape the base
Secure the wrapper with floral tape

You can make a bouquet, arrange them in a vase, leave a trail of them for your Honey (treasure hunt!), or just give a single bud to each of your buddies.

Making a candy bouquet is a fun and easy project for any romantic occasion. The dark chocolate ones (black and purple) could be wrapped with clear cellophane for a Halloween bouquet or the silver striped Kisses matched with the gold ones could make a nice New Years centerpiece.

Full bloom versions of the rose bud can be made by wrapping additional cellophane around a finished bud and taping it at the base.

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