Independence day crafts

Independence day crafts are fun. All the beautiful fireworks, the stars and stripes, the patriotic red, white, and blue all over the place.

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4th of July crafts for the kitchen make the house feel festive. If you knit or crochet it is too easy to make kitchen items from cotton worsted weight yarn. You can make dishclothes and and towels, place mats, pot holders, trivets (wool yarn will insulate the table from the hot pans!), even rugs and table runners.

Other July 4th crafts can be used for the family barbecue, picnic, or while watching the fireworks.

Fix up a white apron by cutting some clean sponges into stars and stripes shapes. use the sponges as stamps to decorate the apron with fabric paint.

Have an ugly cooler? Make it double as seating for the fireworks. Take a piece of foam the size of the cooler's lid and cover it with fabric. Flag print, stars or even solid colors would be nice. If you use white, you can print it using the paint and sponges from the apron project. Attach a skirt of matching fabric to the cooler cushion you just made so it will hide the cooler.

Sewers could also use flag print or fireworks fabric to make picnic napkins. Adding a pocket for silver ware would make them extra useful.

There are fourth of July crafts the kids can make too. Such as loom knit soda can cozies. Make them with wool and you can felt them to size if they come out too large. Keep your hands warm and the sodas cold while you watch the fire works.

The kids could also make napkin rings from paper towel tubes. Cut the tube into rings, as wide as you like, 1-2 inches is good. Paint them or cover them with wide ribbon. Attaching star shaped buttons would be a nice touch.

Independence day celebrates our country's freedom. The whole family could get together and make a poster about which of our freedoms they appreciate most. Kind of like saying what we're thankful for on Thanksgiving.

If you'd like to help support the troops overseas, I have some Crafts for Troop gifts and Care Packages.

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