Halloween Crafts

One of my favorite holidays has always been Halloween. Crafts are so easy to get creative with for this holiday.

Happy Halloween

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Trick-or-Treating is a big part of most kids' Halloweens. You can make each child (or they can make it themselves) a bag for candy to match their costume. You just need a pillowcase and a few supplies to decorate it. A package of inexpensive pillowcases can be bought at just about any store, or check the thrift shops and dollar stores.

For instance, for a cat costume you could use a gray or brown pillow case. Draw a mouse face on it and make ears for it from felt. For a witch costume you can label it "Small Children" or "Poison Apples" or "Newts and Toadstools". Or for a rabbit costume, use an orange pillowcase and add green ruffles around the opening so it looks like a carrot.

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Gauze Ghosts are easy to make with some glue and cheescloth. You can add glitter, confetti, or spray paint them different colors to match your theme.

You could try making a Mummy hand to decorate your candy bowl.

You will need: Stuff for Paper mache (newspaper cut or torn into strips, water, and flour or paste), a rubber glove, scissors, and toilet paper or a roll of gauze.

Make some paper mache with the water and flour or paste. (This may get messy, Put down extra newspaper on the floor and tables!) You or a "volunteer" put on the rubber glove, dip the newspaper strips into the paper mache goop then wrap them around the gloved hand. Do several layers so it won't fall apart.

Sit still and let it dry enough to hold its form, then use the scissors to cut a slit up the thumb side to get your hand out. If you'll want to save it for next year too, add more layers of paper mache.

Once it is completely dry, wrap it with the gauze or toilet paper. It is ready for the candy dish or where ever else you need a mummy hand poking out.

Make a string of pumpkins to go around your candy bowl. You'll need: some styrofoam balls (all about the same size, 3" or 10 cm is good), an orange knee-high stocking, needle and thread, a black marker and a green marker.

Fill the stocking with the foam balls, tying it off with thread between each ball. When you reach a length that fits nicely around your candy bowl, tie it off. Sew the ends together. Now you can draw faces on each "pumpkin" or just some pumpkin lines. Use the green marker to draw on the stem and maybe a few curly vines. Large green push-pins would work as stems if you don't have little ones to worry about.

Pumpkin Pi
Use as many gourds as you like.

One idea I saw in a comic several years ago: Get a bunch of the decorative little pumpkin gourds and a sharpie. On each gourd write one digit from Pi, as many as you like or until you run out of gourds. Feel free to get fancy with the numbers, you can print out the digits 0-9 on paper using your favorite font to copy if you want. You've just made Pumpkin Pi! (Yes, I do like puns, why do you ask?)

For the little ones' first Halloween remember to get a few photos of them in their adorable costume. Make a frame for it and glue or paint some small leaves and pumpkins around it.

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