Good luck symbols to make

Its not neccessary to go out and spend money on good luck symbols like rabbits' feet or feng shui lucky charms. You can make your own tokens of good luck. Even better, this way they have your energy in them already, so they will work better for you!

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In Feng Shui, a three legged frog is good luck for money. You can easily make one yourself out of a dollar. Using these origami frog instructions from, fold your dollar into the frog shape.

You can keep your new lucky "greenback" in your wallet or give him a home hiding somewhere in your house. Frogs like to be near the ground, so under furniture or your desk is good. You can use any paper money, but ones are best if roomates may find your money frog and spend it. Two dollar bills are lucky because they are rare, so those would be especially good for a money frog to go in your wallet.

origami money frog
Origami 3 legged money frog folded from a $1 bill.

Folding a 1000 paper cranes is good luck and also supposed to bring you a wish. The origami instructions for folding paper cranes and other fun origami projects can be found at too.

Four leaf clovers are well-known good luck symbols. If you find one in your yard, I'd suggest digging up that section of clover where you found it and growing it in a pot. My Mom is very good at finding them. She says she seems to find them near the edges of large patches and they show up where other 4 leaf clovers have been found before.

Once you do find one, carefully press it like you would a flower to preserve it. Once it is dry you can laminate it and make a bookmark, key chain, or put it in your scrap book or wallet.

Spread your good luck around the house by making a 4 leaf clover mobile. You can use green construction paper and green foil/mylar to make the clovers. Glitter and rhinestones will help make them shine. Wire from wire coat-hangers can be used for the rods of the mobile. Green or gold strings are good to hang the clovers and maybe add a few coins and rainbows too.

Having a pot of gold around the house is thought to attract more money, so why not make your own?

You will need: Mettalic Gold paint and some stones (or just buy some of that gold decor gravel), glue, a piece of cardboard, scissors, and an old pot. You may need tape also.

Cut your cardboard to fit tightly into your pot, about 1/2 inch from the top. Cut a slit in the center of the cardboard, we're gonna make this ino a bank. Paint your stones gold then glue them onto the top of your board covering it, but leave the slot open. You may want to glue a second layer of gold stones on top of the first to make your pot look really full.

Wedge your "gold" lid into the pot. If it slips down too far you may want to tape some bits of cardboard to the inside of the pot to hold it up in place. When you find extra change in your pockets add it to your pot to help it work better.

There are diffrent items you can craft to get rid of bad luck too.

Turkish evil eyes aren't good luck symbols, but they are used to ward off bad luck and envy. They are blue white and black or yellow in the center. You can use polymer clay like Sculpy to make them. After they are baked you can make a set of jewelry for yourself with an evil eye bracelet, necklace and earrings. Twiddle Thumbs blog has a good post about making polymer clay jewelry.

Turkish evil eyes
Examples of Turkish evil eyes.

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