Gauze Ghost Project

Here is an easy Gauze Ghost project.

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You will need: Gauze fabric or cheese cloth, 3 wooden dowels (pencils or skewers will work), 3 styrofoam balls, large bottle of white glue, some water, a bowl or other container for the thinned glue, and a styrofoam block to use as a base.

In your container pour glue and add some water to thin it out until it is watery. Cover until ready to use, left over glue can be covered and saved to be used later to strengthen your ghost if needed.

Ghost making stand
The pieces assembled to form your Ghost.

Next, build the form for your ghost. Put a styrofaom ball on the end of each dowel. Stick the one that will form the head in the center of your base foam, standing stright up. The other two will be for the hands. You'll wand to stand them in the base pointing out in a forward angle, like in the picture.

Take a piece of your gauze or cheese cloth in a size that drapes nicely over the form. Soak it for a minute in your glue mixture.

Carefully drape it over the form and arrange the folds as you like. The glue will hold the fabric stiff, so make sure it's exactly how you want it before it dries.

Gauze Ghost
The soaked cloth draped over the frame.

Once it's dry it can be carefully removed from the frame. The frame can be re-used to make more ghosts or dis-assembled and saved to use next year.

If you feel that you need to stiffen the ghost more, you can add more glue. Either brush or spray diluted glue over the inside or outside of the ghost. White glue dries clear, so this should be no problem.

If you would like, you can add a face using black felt or make your ghost fancy by adding glitter or confetti.

Finished gauze Ghost
Add a face and find a place for him to haunt!

Just spray some glue over the outside of the ghost and sprinkle the confetti or glitter over it. Once the glue is dry, then you can shake off the excess sparkles.

The felt face can be glued on directly with white glue after the glitter is added. This way the face pieces are glitter-free.

I'd probably recommend black, orange, and silver glitter and halloween shape confetti for this project, but you can always use whatever you like.

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