Fathers day portrait craft

What dad doesn't love original artwork from their favorite little artist? Make this fathers day portrait craft for him, each one is a unique original.

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You will need:Paper to paint or draw on and crayons, markers, color pencils, paint, or whatever you wish to use to draw the potrait.

Step 1. Draw Dad. Remember, you don't have to go for photo realism. Draw Dad to the best of your ability. For a pre-schooler or toddler this could be a stick person or a blue scribble.

Once your portrait of Dad is complete, frame it. Your little crafters can either make one, draw one, or buy a 99 cent one at the dollar store and paint it.

Other variations of this:

Draw some thing or place that reminds you of Dad. If your Father fishes, paint his favorite fishing hole. If he likes to do wood work, do a still life of some of his tools (ask first and put them back when you're done). Does he Golf? Maybe a drawing of a golf bag and some other golf equipment.

Who says portraits have to be of faces? Draw Dad's hands or feet. Or maybe an extreme close up of part of his face.

Use an unusual angle. Draw what Dad looks like when you're on his shoulders or standing in front of him looking up.

Or let the kids do photo portraits using a polaroid or disposable camera. Responsible older kids might be trusted with a digital camera. (I know, mine was like $250. It's gonna be several years before Hudy gets to use it!)

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