Eid ul Fitr craft ideas

Eid ul Fitr is here, or nearly so! Get the Kidlets busy crafting with these fun projects.

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Donation Boxes

Donation boxes

Ask the kids to decorate a donation box that you can keep in the kitchen. Each time your family goes grocery shopping pick up a few extra things to donate.

If they can't agree on decorating one box, give them each a seperate type of donation to make a box for. Like: Canned goods, boxed goods, clothing, books & toys, and other items. Maybe make them stack-able so you can keep it all in one place near the door. When the boxes are full, take them out to the car to be dropped off next time you're out.

Child's Candy Storage Jar

Hudy's Eid candy jar

Eid is a big visiting and candy holiday. Does your child need a place to store their candy haul? A large, clean, empty jar is great for their candy storage. Make a large label with their name on it & let them decorate it. Maybe put their name in both the Arabic alphabet and the Roman Alphabet (A,B,C...).

When they want sweets later, they can have some from their stash rather than going out and buying more. Also, don't forget to encourage them to share when their friends come over to play.

Ramdan & Eid Scrapbook

Another thing is make a scrapbook/journal of your memories of this year's Ramadan. You can do pages on the Iftar dinner parties you went to or had at your home. A page on how nice it was going to Taraweeh at the Masjid. Pages on how each of your children enjoyed Ramadan would be nice too.

Each year it may be useful to review past years by looking through your Ramadan & Eid scrapbooks. How have you improved since then? What additional blessings have you recieved from Allah this year?

Travel Activity Tote

Activity tote with books, crayons, and snacks

Friends and Relatives are often visited during the 3 days of Eid. Kids often get bored listening to the Adults talk & may accidently get into trouble looking for stuff to do. Have them help you put together an activity bag you can take with you on visits.

If you sew, you can design your own tote with enough pockets for crayons, coloring books, bagged snacks, and other items. If you don't sew, most craft stores sell blank canvas totes you can let the kids embellish with fabric paint, markers, embroidery, or other things.

Fill the bags with quiet activities that your kids like.

A few are mentioned above, but they may also like plastic canvas craft kits, look and find books like "I Spy" or "Where's Waldo?", or maybe an Origami book with a few packs of origami paper.

These bags could also come in handy for when you have to bring them with you to classes at the masjid & you know they won't be paying attention to the lecture.

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