Easy Christmas Crafts

Moms are always in need of easy Christmas crafts, the Holidays are such a busy time of year. Gift shopping, home decorating, cookie baking, gift wrapping, family visiting, and trying to keep the kids from finding the presents you already bought them. Whew! Don't you feel tired just thinking about it?

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Round up your craft supplies and get ready, I have some fun crafts for you!

Does your family like to drink soda? Need a small tree for the kids to decorate? Make a tree from green plastic soda bottles. 2-liters for a tabletop size tree or smaller bottles for desktop size.

You will need: Some green plastic soda bottles, a wooden dowel, some modeling clay or play-dough, a container to stand your tree in, scissors, and stuff to decorate your tree.

Cut soda bottle for tree project
Cut the bottle like this.

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Cut the bottles in a zig-zag from top to bottom. These triangular tabs will be the branches. Feather the edges so they are pine-needly like. Cut an opening in the center of the bottom of the bottles so you can slide them onto the dowel.

Firmly squish your clay into your container and stick your dowel into the center. Use enough clay that your tree won't tip. Slide your bottle pieces onto the dowel branches side down, starting with a bottle bottom piece. Alternate tops and bottoms as you stack finishing with a bottle top piece. If they try to pop up, you may want to nail or screw a bottlecap to the top end of your dowel.

Plastic bottle tree
Your tree should look similar to this.

Even easier desk size tree, get one of those extra large pine cones. Find one that will sit on it's end. Then just decorate it. Strings of popcorn or cranberries will fit nicely. Or just buy the miniature christmas decorations to put on it. You can hot glue everything in place so pieces won't fall off in storage or when the kids or cats knock it down.

An obvious one is everyones favorite, paper snowflakes. If you fold it into 1/6 and trim the corner, you'll get a 6 sided snow flake. Cut your holes as you like.

paper snowflake paper snowflake

Christmas napkins can be bought cheap at dollar stores, you can (carefully)decopage the designs onto plates, trays, or blank ornaments.

You can make Candy Canes from pipecleaners or chienelle sticks. Red and white is traditional or use white and any other color. Just twist them together, trim to the length you want, and bend the end into a hook. For fatter canes, use fluffier pipecleaners.

Also, clean pine cones can be dipped in white glue then covered in glitter or confetti. You could also dip them in paint. Very quick cheap ornaments, or display them in a nice bowl.

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The traditional peanutbutter and birdseed pinecones make nice outdoor ornaments. These are possible gifts from the kids to Grandparents who like to birdwatch too. Very eco-friendly and bio-degradeable.

In the fake flower department there is usually cheap plastic fruit. These can be covered in glitter too for easy decorations. Same can be done with styrofoam balls. Those things are so expensive pre-made in stores and they are too easy to make.

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