Easter egg decorating ideas

Easter egg decorating ideas are great fun, get creative with it!

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You will need: Crayons (especially white or colorless, but your kid's crayon collection should be plenty), food color and vinegar or an egg dye kit, eggs.

First, your eggs. If you plan to boil them and eat them later, cool. Any of the shrink wrappers from the egg-dye kit can be put on when you boil the eggs.

If you just want them for decoration, carefully poke tiny holes in each end, scramble the insides, and blow them out the end. Be careful when coloring them, they'll break easy when they're empty.

Idea number one:

Eggs are kind of chicken shape right? With the small end pointed up, draw a chicken face on your egg with the crayons. Add some wings too.

If you want a white chicken (brown if you have brown eggs), then you're done. Or for a colorful chicken, dip it in the dye. The dye won't stick to the crayon wax.

To make chicks, just 2 eyes and a beak then dye the egg yellow.

What other animals could you make?

Idea number two:

Color random stripes and swirls on your egg. When you dip it into your dye, only dip 2/3 of the way. Then flip it over and dip 2/3 into another color.

This way you'll have 3 colors on the egg. Color 1, color 2, and color 3 where the first two overlapped along with your pretty swirls.

Idea number three:

If you plan to use them for your easter egg hunt, each person can put their name on the eggs they color. When you hunt them, see who finds the most of their own eggs.

Maybe have a prize for the one who finds the most of their own eggs and one for whoever finds none of their own eggs. Something small like quarters or candy would make good prizes.

Idea number four:

For eggs that will just be decorations, you can get really fancy. Coat them with glitter or paint them with acrylic paints. If you like to paint, you could try doing a tiny scene on an egg using a small brush.

String them individually with ribbon to make ornaments. You could also string several to make a garland to hang somewhere. They would also look nice arranged in a bowl on the table too.

Idea number five:

Decopage! Gather your magazines and cut out pieces of the images you like. Choose photos of something you like (Nascar, My Little Pony, Transformers) or just bits of color.

Follow the directions on your decopage glue (modge podge?) container. Basically just "glue" your pieces to your clean eggshell with the modge podge, then finish with a few thin coats to seal it.

Let it dry completely before you handle it. Large soda bottle caps make good stands for the eggs while they dry.

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