Easter crafts

I remember doing Easter crafts at my Grandma's house every year. Usually we would color eggs. Sometimes we'd use food coloring and white vinegar and other times we'd use the egg dyeing kits. They would usually have a wax crayon and some shrink wrappers that shrink onto the egg when you boil them.

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You can make easy egg stands to display your decorated eggs. Just take a 1 x 4 inch strip of stiff paper decorate and the side that will be out. Curl it into a tube and tape the ends together.

For a centerpiece or the kid's easter baskets, you can decorate a plain basket with pastel colored ribbons. Make a big bow for the front and you can attach a small item to the front of it. Something like a toy bunny or chick or maybe even a foil-wrapped chocolate.

You can make an Easter candy bouquet using bamboo skewers or those green floral sticks and attaching wrapped candy to the ends (rubber cement or scotch tape would work). Some floral tape can be used to add leaves to your stems. You can arrange them in a vase with some Easter grass for a nice centerpiece for your family easter brunch.

A Quick and easy rabbit for the little ones...

You will need:
A black crayon or marker, some index cards, some cardboard tubes, scissors, and glue.

Draw an outline of a rabbit or other Easter critter on the white side of the index card. Cut it out and add a face if you like (or just color all of it).

Cut the cardboard tube into 1 inch sections. Glue the piece of tube to the center of the bottom of the back side of your rabbit. It should stand on its own, but you can also use it as an egg stand.

Other Variations:

  • Tye-dye it by coloring the back with markers. wet the paper just enough for the marker to bleed through to the front. Let it dry, sandwiching it between paper towels will help.
  • Instead of an index card, use green construction paper to make a section of fake grass. Make it short enough that an egg sitting on the tube will just peek over the top.
  • If your family focuses more on the Easter story, maybe cutting a small hill shape with the three crosses on it.
  • Have your own suggestion? Contact me and I'll add it here with credit to you.

Pysanky are beautifully decorated eggs, a traditional craft in Ukraine. If you decided to have an Easter tree (like a Christmas tree only for Easter) They would make stunning ornaments for it.

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