Bastille day craft ideas

Bonjour is French for Welcome!

Bastille day is France's National holiday. It is on July 14th every year, during the Tour de France. Why not whip up a few French crafts and join in their celebration?

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French flags are easy to make, just 3 sections in blue, white, and red. Several small ones around the house, and maybe make a banner of them to hang near the TV while you watch the Tour de France.

Speaking of the Tour de France, bike racing related crafts can be done while watching it. Have the kid's decorate a t-shirt for their favorite rider. Maybe make a chart to keep track of who is in the lead, something fun to keep the kids involved.

The kids can make models of the Bastille or Eiffel tower out of craft sticks. The Bastille can also be made out of a cardboard box for a simpler project that needs less glue. While you're making French landmarks, don't forget the Arc de Triomphe!

Fancy French apron
Ooh, La La!

Do you sew? A cute French apron would make cooking crepes and other French snacks even more fun. Just a simple rounded apron in a pinstriped pink with a chocolate colored ruffle would be cute. To make it a bit fancier, add a pink pocket with an edging made from the ruffle fabric. If you have spare lace around, you can add that too!

Seriously, this is going to the top of my OWN project "to-do" list once I have my sewing machine. It will turn out too cute!

The pink and chocolate color scheme can be used to make cute Patisserie (French for pastry bakery) decorations for your kitchen.

An easy one would be to get a child's chalkboard, paint the frame chocolate brown, and hang it with a wide pink ribbon. You can either paint a permanent message on with white paint or just use chalk.

Easy place mats can be sewn from leftovers from the apron project above. Sew the pink pinstripe to the sides of a brown square of fabric and hem the edges. If you have enough fabric, make them reversable.

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