Ideas for Back to School crafts

Kids are often excited about going back to school. Buying school supplies, seeing their friends again, maybe even going to a new school. Lots to look forward to! Back to school crafts are a nice way your kids can customise their stuff.

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Book covers can be made out of brown paper bags. These are great for artisic students as it gives them a chance to doodle without actually messing up the book. When its full, it is easy to replace.

You can also make them out of fabric. Check your fabric store to see if they have any with your child's favorite characters on it. Their friends will all be asking for some too when they see Bobby's Yu-Gi-Oh book covers or Alisha's My Little Pony & Hello Kitty book covers.

Hand made clay erasers

Sculpey makes eraser clay, making it too easy to make personalised erasers. They even have an with 8 colors, a clay tool, a detail tool, a keychain, a wire, a pencil, and paperclips.

You could make unusual shapes, mold your name onto it, make your favorite animal, mold it onto the end of your pencils, and just have fun with it! You could also shape it into beads and tie it onto the end of your pencil, kinda like a cell phone charm.

Extra character fabric from the book cover project can be used to make pencil cases, applique onto a plain school bag, or even rejuvinate an outfit from last year if it will still fit (more useful for non-dresscode schools).

Are your kids supplied for art class? Do they even have art class?!?

Supply them with at least a blank sketchbook (spiral bound is good - lays flat). If they have some place to doodle in, it will be less tempting to draw on books and assignments. A fabric sketchbook cover with elastic to hold some pencils and keep the book closed when not in use is great.

Obento lunch food

If you want to get creative with lunch, try making a Japanese style lunch called O-bento. Use bits of nori (sushi-wrap seaweed) to make faces on boiled eggs and sandwiches, cut cocktail sausages into octopus shapes, and use cookie cutters to make shaped sandwiches.

Bento lunch supplies can be ordered online, but stuff you have around the kitchen will work well too. Yes, it can be a bit more work than slapping a bologna sandwich together and tossing it in a lunch bag, but it shows your kids you care. (You may even end up being "The Mom who makes the Cool Lunches"!)

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