Autumn Equinox crafts

Autumn Equinox crafts can let your family mark the changing of the seasons from Summer to Fall. Autumn leaves are great fun to decorate with and the variety of colors are beautiful!

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Have some leaf-shaped paper punches laying around? You could make a fall tree collage using construction paper leaves. Or use tissue paper for a sightly different effect to the project. Have fun with it, maybe even breaking out the glitter crayons and mettalic gel pens.

Cornucopias are traditional harvest-time decorations, have you tried making one? Either a 3-D model or a painting or drawing. Little ones could cut photos from magazines and do a collage on a construction paper shillouette. A large version could be done as a group or class project.

Back to those beautiful fall leaves...

If you live in an area that has lots of fall foliage, try going on a nature walk and drawing the beautiful leaves you see. You'll need to bring a sketchbook and colored pencils or crayons. Do the best you can, but don't worry about getting it perfect. Art is never perfect!

If you live somewhere with less trees or a more tropical climate, that's ok too. You could find photos to draw from in books or on the internet. Also, you could draw some autumn leaves and trees and color them however you like. No reason not to enjoy the season anyways!

Fall is generally harvest time. A visit to the farmers market is fun, and you could do some sketches of the produce for sale. Maybe make some portraits of the farmers or other people there. Take your camera along in case you see something you want to do more than a sketch of later.

Check out your local craft store too for some unfinished wooden items to paint. Maybe you'll find some small wooden boxes that you could paint in a harvest theme. I'll bet they make a nice addition to your kitchen. Those wooden things are inexpensive and can be painted any way you like, so you can match any season or holiday.

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