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Mom's Craft Ideas of the Month, Issue #001 -- June Holiday Crafts
June 01, 2009

Our First E-zine, June Holidays

Well, this is the first of hopefully many newsletters for our site. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to use the Contact page on the site to let us know what you think.

Up-coming Holidays:

This month we have Flag Day on June 14th and Fathers' Day on June 21st (which is also the Summer Equinox).

What's new at the site:

The most recent additions are the pages for Fathers' day, Fathers' Day Cookie Bouquets, and I hope to have one for some Necktie crafts up tomorrow.

Also, I've been working on a new site look. It will go up first when I post the page for Ramadan crafts sometime this week. If it looks good, I'll work on switching the other pages to the new look.

The Craft Ideas:

Flag day: Paint or draw some US flags onto blank postcards. You can spiff them up with stickers or glitter glue. They would make great invites or just put them up around the house.

You can also get some small US flag theme items (small flags, flag ribbon, red/white/blue bits from the craft section at the dollar store) and arrange them in a small basket as an easy center piece for your table.

Fathers' Day: Round up some photos of Dad with the kids, you can make easy frames for them out of craft or popsicle sticks. color them and glue on some decorations that match. Small rubber fish (from the fishing shop) for fishing trip photos or leaves from a hiking trip.

You can also use craft sticks to make a small log cabin for Dad's desk. If the roof is removable Dad can store post-it notes or pens inside.

Make Dad a custom coaster out of an unused CD case. Or make one out of an unwanted CD. You can crackle a CD by microwaving it FOR 2 SECONDS ONLY. *Doing this can damage your microwave, so only use an old microwave.* (it smells bad too)*DISCLAIMER: is not responsible if you damage your microwave doing this!*

Come see what's new!

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