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Mom's Craft Ideas Ezine Issue #003 -- August Holiday Crafts
August 02, 2009

Mom's August craft ideas

I apologize that the newsletter is a day late, Husband has been home this last week. It's nice to see him, but messes up the routines! I've added a lot last month and plan to add more this month. I hope you've subscribed to the RSS feed (Google has a free RSS reader that is easy to use if you don't have one yet.) you'll automatically receive updates as I update the site.

If you aren't Muslim, check out the Ramadan crafts anyways. Its a great way to learn about another culture and it's traditions.

Up-coming Holidays:

This month we have Ramadan which starts on the 22nd (check for the sighting of the crescent moon) and Back to School. (which seems to be a holiday according to all the stores!)

What's new at the site:

The most recent addition is the Article and Review page. I'll be posting craft related articles there and craft supply reviews. Lots of other pages have been added too, such as Veteran's day, a page of crafts for soldier care packages, instructions for a candy rosebud bouquet (under the Valentine's section), and I've been expanding the Ramadan section.

The Craft Ideas:

Ramadan: Have the children make a special Zakat (charity) box and encourage them to add change to it each day.

Sewing project: if your kids have a favorite doll or toy animal, encourage them to design and sew new clothes for it. Just like they will receive a new outfit for the holidays, they can give their toy friend one too!

Back to school: Are they excited for School yet? Help them get ready by customizing a file organizer to store finished assignments. Maybe review the finished ones each month and take them out as a reward for lots of good grades.

If you love using duct-tape, ask them to design the "perfect" backpack. Once they have the design, build it with duct-tape. Newspaper might help if used as a base so you don't accidently tape the wrong bits together.

(don't forget to right-click and "save as" to download the coloring page below that comes with the newsletter!)

Come see what's new!

Here is the Coloring Page for you.
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