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Mom's Craft Ideas of the Month, Issue #001 -- June Holiday Crafts
October 01, 2009

October Holidays

First, I'd like to apologize for missing September's newsletter. I work on this site myself and any "Family Drama" that comes up affects my getting site stuff done. Thank you for being loyal visitors and I hope you are enjoying all the craft ideas.

I hope everyone finished a great Ramadan and enjoyed Eid. I know we did lots of visiting family here during Eid. Back to School is old news by now, and I'm sure the kids are planning their costumes for Halloween coming up the end of the month.

I've decided to take a break from the newsletter freebies until I have time again to make some nice ones.

Up-coming Holidays:

October we have Halloween coming up, the popular costume and candy fest that I loved growing up.

What's new at the site:

The most recent additions are a Gauze Ghost project, Solstice and Equinox crafts, Spring Equinox crafts, and Autumn Equinox crafts.

The Craft Ideas:

Knit Treat bags Knit small bags for your Halloween party favors. They can be any size you like, from holding a few tootsie rolls to a whole apple. You can do solid colored bags, patterns, or add a small word or picture to the side (make a skull face, numbers, a name, ect.)

Glowing Staff If you have a young wizard going trick or treating, make a tall staff for them with a light on top. Several ways you can do this. Using a long wooden dowel or other tall stick, attach a flashlight near the top. On the top of the staff attach a translucent or clear plastic ball (old Christmas ornament?) and position everything so the flashlight will light up the ball. The flashlight can be camouflaged with paper-mache and brown paint to match the wood.

Quick, Easy Garlic Wreath Super simple, get one of those Garlic ropes, fashion it into a circle, and secure the ends together. Add a bow and "No vampires" sign. After you're done, you have plenty of garlic to use making Thanksgiving dinner!

Come see what's new!

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