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Mom's Craft Ideas of the Month, November Holiday Crafts
November 02, 2009

November Holidays

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Sorry this is a bit late, but we just switched our internet service and its been giving us some problems I hope are fixed now. Also, my family and I here have been getting ready to move from Iraq to Michigan, USA sometime between now and December 10th. I hope I can get back to frequent site updates once we're moved and settled in. Kinda hard to come up with fun craft ideas when my mind is busy with family stuff!

Veterans Day is coming up quick. Maybe making some gifts for your local Veterans or check out the ideas on Troop Care Packages craft ideas page. Operation Gratitude is still working on getting holiday packages ready.

Up-coming Holidays:

November we have Veterans Day coming up on the 11th, and Thanksgiving.

The Craft Ideas:

Award Display If you have a Veteran in your family, ask them what medals and awards they received while in the service. Find out online the what they look like (size, ect.) Make a display case for the awards as a gift for them. Old uniform material or flag-print would make a good background.

Camo Photo Frame You could make a small photo frame to send in a care package. Use camo-print paper or fabric and cardboard to make a simple frame. Most soldiers take photos of loved ones with them, and could use a nice way to keep their favorite.

Cross Stitch Napkins Sewing cloth napkins is super simple, just hem the edges of a 12 x 12 inch square. A small cross stitch pattern of a fall leaf or two can be sewn on a corner to make them fancy. This could be a portable project to work on while waiting during errand running, when one is finished just get the next one ready when you get home.

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