Fathers Day Crafts

Fathers' Day

We have some interesting Fathers Day crafts for you. By the way... have you been wondering when is Fathers' day? Or what date is Fathers' day? Fathers day this year is June 21st, so if you're making gifts don't wait til the last minute.

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Making some Fathers' Day cookie bouquets would be fun. Dads love hand-made gifts and cards. Fathers' day cards are easy to make. Take a blank sheet of paper and fold it in half or in quarters. Draw a lovely portrait of Dad on the cover and write something like "Happy Fathers Day" or "1# Dad". You can write Dad a short, funny poem on the inside if you like.

Who is my number one Dad?
Who makes me feel glad?
It must be you.
You know its true.
Happy Fathers' Day to my Rad Dad!

Also, you could do some necktie craft projects with old neckties Dad or Grandpa don't want anymore. Another thing you could do is make a desk set out of clean food cans as a gift for Dad. Take some clean cans of various sizes and either paint them or cover them with nice paper. Scrapbooking patterned paper or wallpaper would work nice, or old artwork from the kids. To finish, glue them together in a group, either gluing the sides to each other or gluing them onto a base.

Or try making the desk set from the old ties. And another thought was that you could make one from things that your dad likes to do....say he likes to make things with wood, you could add some wood pieces to the outside of the set or if he likes to golf you could add a tee or ball to the design, etc. *(Suggested by: Sue Miller)*

My Dad and I 1987
My dad and I, Feb 1987.

If Dad likes to read or do crossword puzzles, you could make him a tote bag out of an old wool vest. If you don't have any around the house you can get some really cheap at a thrift store. Just be sure it is 100% wool or it won't felt well. You can felt it by hand in the tub with plenty of soap or toss it into an old zippered pillow case and felt it in your washer.

Vest tote project
Sew the bottom.
Cut the straps.

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After it is felted, sew the bottom closed. The shoulders will be the handles. Cut the center front and back from the edges of the neck down to the level of the bottom of the arm holes. These two pieces can be used to make small pockets on the inside or outside of the bag. Don't worry, it won't unravel from cutting because its felted.

Felted Vest tote project
Finished, ready to give!

Do you have a baby or one on the way? I have a few craft ideas for first fathers day gifts such as plaster hand prints.

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